Registration of Title for PhD Thesis and MPhil Dissertation at the University of Ibadan

The Registration of Title is one of the documents that must accompany an abstract before it is considered at the Department, Faculty and Postgraduate College. In the abstract package, the documents needed are as follows:
The Registration of Title
The Abstract
The Financial clearance
The Department score sheet
The Faculty score sheet
Here are the steps to follow for the production of the Registration of Title:
Go to the PG College website:
On the Postgraduate college website, click on FORMS AND PUBLICATIONS
Go to Departmental Sundry Forms
From the Sundry forms platform, click on Registration of Title of Thesis bar
Enter your Matric. Numbers and Submit
Your biodata is displayed with the information you supplied during your online registration: matric, Surname, Other names, Degree in view, Faculty and Department.
Next section is the Mode of Study where your select either Full time, part-time of both. Type the sessions did under each mode, e.g.: 2010/2011, 2011/2012
Move to Thesis Information: input the Date of 1st Registration for current program, date of (last) registration for current, date of conversion from M.Phil./Ph.D. to Ph.D. (if applicable); enter the proposed title of thesis. Be careful, the title entered should conform with the thesis and the abstract, otherwise, it will be rejected. The Faculty date of Registration of Title of thesis is the date the abstract was approved at the Faculty, likewise, the date of registration of Title of Thesis by the Postgraduate College will added only after the PGC has approved it.
Under Authorization, select the designation of the HOD (e.g.: Acting Head of Department); input the name of your HOD (e.g.: O. K. Omotade); the Approving Authority is the Sub Dean (Postgraduate: e.g.: Dr A. L. Afolayan)
Click NEXT to end the registration.
N.B.: To keep a copy of your Registration of title, always remember to Save to PDF in the Print option. This is done by clicking on PRINT, then selecting PRINT TO PDF from the Printers options.

As for MPhil candidates, you may need to revert to the old platform using the following link:

Next, good on the Registration of Title of Dissertation and Click to create record.

A. Souleymane

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