Spell and start reading in French

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My French World on Radio aired on 2nd September 2017 is available on this link: spell and start reading in French.  Bienvenue sur My French World on Radio, sur les ondes de la Lead City FM, en modulation de fréquence 89,1 ici sur le campus de la Lead City University, à Ibadan. Je suis votre animateur, Alani Souleymane. Dr… Continue reading Spell and start reading in French

The sounds of French Language

Like any language, French is written or spoken. It speak French, you use 37 speech sounds (called phonemes) . There are 37 phonemes: 16 vowels, 18 consonants, and 3 semi-vowels. They are represented graphically through transcription. En français, il y a 37 (trente-sept) phonèmes : 18 (dix-huit) consonnes, 16 (seize) voyelles et 3 (trois) semi-voyelles ou semi consonnes. 1. Les consonnes: the consonants sounds [p] … Continue reading The sounds of French Language