Knowing your level in French for a better placement

The Common Reference for Languages in Europe has a complete package for the learning, the teaching and the assessment of languages in Europe, including French. In French, the body is known as the CECRL (le Conseil Européen Commun de Référence sur les langues). We intend, by a series of articles, to simplify the document on and in French to make the content available and accessible.

Today, we shall discuss about the levels and the objectives set for each.

A1. You are a beginner and you can communicate in a simple way.

A2. You can communicate in routine tasks.

B1. You can deal with most situations

B2. You can express yourself clearly and with details.

C1. You can express yourself regarding complex subjects.

C2. You are no more a learner at this level.

If you are a learner, ask you teacher where you fall into and get the appropriate learning content.

If you are a teacher of French as Foreign Language (FLE) or a lecturer in a country where French is a foreign language, kindly align your curriculum and the content of your course with the parameters of the CECRL.

You can take a test online to determine a level.

For more information on the levels, check our article titled ‘Harmonising your French class with international standards‘.

A. Souleymane

Souleymane (Nigeria) & Djouher (Algérie)
A class at the Centre de Linguistique Appliquée, Besançon, France, August 2016  


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