Le participe passé comme adjectif verbal

Quelqu’un me posait des questions à propos des adjectifs verbaux français comme dans cette phrase:

On a quitté la semaine passée.

I wrote this short exposé to explain. I thought someone else might find it useful. Corrections are also welcome where necessary. More could also be said about it.

passé(e) in that position is as an adjective… It functions as a qualifying adjective (adjectif qualificatif)
The nature however is ‘verbal adjective’ (adjectif verbal). It is called verbal adjective because it is taken from a verb ‘passer‘. It is the past participle of a verb that is usually used.

The rules that guide the relationship between a verbal adjective and the noun it qualifies are:

1. It must come after the noun it qualifies. E.g.  semaine passée, weekend passé, chemise mouillée etc

2. It must correspond in number and in gender with the noun being qualified. E.g. semaine passée (fem. sing), semaines passées (fem. pl), weekend passé (masc. sing), weekends passés (masc. pl).

Ayegh Luben, University of Ibadan



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