Activités sur un accident fatal


Nigerians recently lost a Minister of State and an Army General to road accidents. These topical issues can be explored in classrooms  according to the various levels of learners in French.

Beginners can work on how to send condolence messages, names of cars on the road, names and portfolios of Ministers in Buhari’s cabinet, family members, ranks in the Army, etc.

Other users can work on issues such as causes of road accidents, road safety tips, reactions towards accident victims, death of politicians, advice to the living, and the inevitability of death, etc.

Relevant texts in English may be submitted, provided that they are translated or paraphrased in French.

We’ll share our  experiences in our Written Expression (ESF 203) and Oral Production (ESF 205) classes along with activities on various platforms of My French World. 

You can share yours with us here on or other channels on My French World. 

Un accident routier

Photo credit: the Guardian, Nigeria


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