Can you drink garri with lassa epidemic around

While West Africa was about to breathe a sigh of relief about the eradication of the Ebola epidemic that ravaged mostly Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, another epidemic outbreak has been declared in Nigeria. Although Lassa fever would not match the 13,000 Ebola deaths, its spread in more than 10 states in Nigeria and the lives it is claiming raise concern about the safety of people residing in Nigeria.

Health experts have been talking about the disease, its causes, its symptoms and more importantly its prevention. In the same vein, an anonymous text in the social media warned about the danger of drinking raw garri as regards the possibility of contracting the deadly Lassa virus. We decided to reproduce it and translate it into French to enhance its reach.

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7 January for Alani

Le 7 janvier étant mon anniversaire, j’ai décidé de me réjouir avec ma famille toute la journée. On n’est pas allé à Dubaï, mais on s’est régalé dans les limites de notre budget au bercail. Mais le plus grand bonheur du jour provient de la chaleur de vos messages depuis les premières secondes de cette journée à la dernière. Je ne saurai vous remercier assez. Je m’engage à donner plus de valeur à nos relations d’amitié.

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Un nègre a violé une blonde à Dallas

Ramonu Sanusi has just authored a new novel entitled “Un Nègre a violé une blonde à Dallas.” The book will be available in selected bookstores and in the Department of European Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan, Nigeria as from January 20, 2016. For a copy, you can contact: (The novel is written in French). Continue reading Un nègre a violé une blonde à Dallas