7 January for Alani

Le 7 janvier étant mon anniversaire, j’ai décidé de me réjouir avec ma famille toute la journée. On n’est pas allé à Dubaï, mais on s’est régalé dans les limites de notre budget au bercail. Mais le plus grand bonheur du jour provient de la chaleur de vos messages depuis les premières secondes de cette journée à la dernière. Je ne saurai vous remercier assez. Je m’engage à donner plus de valeur à nos relations d’amitié.

My family and I spent the whole day together renewing vows of unity, love and commitment. We wanted something special, so the kids suggested a trip to Dubai. I don’t blame them; that’s what happens when your age mates are celebrating their wards’ degrees in the university or are becoming grand-parents while you are busy making school runs between Nursery and Primary schools.
Since Dubai is a land of desert sands and dunes, my kids agreed that we’d rather stay in Nigeria for our pounded yam, suya, ‘amala, ewedu and gbegiri. Between Mama Put and an eatery ‘take-aways’, we managed to enjoy ourselves. Next week is ‘Daddy pay my school fees’ time and only the Almighty knows when I’ll get the next ‘alert’. Moreover, how can you enjoy yourself at 45 when doctors say ‘don’t eat this, don’t drink that, and don’t take these’?
So I decided to transfer happiness from the stomach to the mind. The first hours of the day were dedicated, as usual, to making people happy (cf. my post on http://www.myfrenchworld.org). The remaining hours were set to enjoying all your messages of goodwill and best wishes until 12 midnight.
For all of you, who remembered me, will remember me or think about me, I pray that our relationships improve and that my life be of immense value to yours. I love you all.



  1. Félicitations encore. Bon anniversaire. Cependant, je n’ai pas reçu ma carte d’invitation. Pas tard,avec une carte de recharge mtn 1500, glo 500, etisalat 1000, visa 1000 & amp; airtel 1000, ça va régler mon absence. Merci d’avance.


  2. Ahan😄😄.. What à blessed man to a blessed family and for a blessed generation


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