Résolutions 2016

We promised to start work on the learning and teaching of French this year. So, our main resolution of 2016 at My French World is to make members and followers acquire, improve on their French learning and teaching.
On New Year’s day, I called upon a graduate of the University of Ibadan, now a postgraduate student and teaching assistant in Canada to collaborate and participate in our activities. She agreed and commended our efforts at sharing resources and knowledge to make our French a tool for social interactions. Then I saw her resolution on her bbm display:

Jebutu’s resolution features verbs in the INFINITIVE form: faire, plaindre, fâcher, vivre, entourer, aimer, prendre, vivre.

The dictionary only lists out the INFINITIVE forms of verbs. Look at the last two letters of the Infinitive verb! You notice that letter R is always there. Letter R always appears in the last two letters of the infinitive.
There are basically three (3) types of verbs; first, second and third group.
1st group: – ER verbs, except ALLER. Eg: PARLER, DANSER, DEVELOPPER
3rd group is made up of the remaining.
However, not all the –IR verbs are second group: OFFRIR, SORTIR, VENIR
So, let’s check our bilingual dictionaries and make our 2016 RESOLUTIONS.
A FAIRE (to do)
danser, brosser les dents après les repas, manger bien, laver les mains régulièrement ; écrire ; Etre honnête ; sourire;
À NE PAS FAIRE (not to do)
faire des bêtises ; mentir ; conduire mal ; fumer ; arriver en retard ; tricher ; voler.

RESOLUTIONS DE PROFESSEUR: enseigner; lire ; corriger les manuscrits; ne pas punir les étudiants.
RESOLUTIONS DE MARI : aimer ma femme ; payer les factures ; ne pas tricher ;
RESOLUTIONS DE MY FRENCH WORLD : communiquer en français, informer les autres ; visiter http://www.myfrenchworld.org; ne pas manquer d’internet ; être sérieux
Can you highlight your resolutions according to your status or functions?


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