Social Media Bill in Nigeria : the position of “Democracy In Action”

Depuis quelques jours, les réseaux sociaux sont en effervescence à cause d’un projet de loi du Parlement nigérian pour punir ceux qui utilisent l’internet à des fins que la loi jugerait néfastes. My French World a décidé de recueillir les ressources nécessaires pour contribuer à ce débat politique en langue française. Nous allons choisir des extraits en anglais que nous allons traduire en français. Nous avons trouvé le texte ci-dessous intéressant. Nous vous invitons à partager vos traductions, commentaires et autres ressources sur cette polémique.


When it suited him, Senator Bala Ibn Na’Allah used the APC social media platforms jumping on Buhari’s bandwagon of fame to get elected as a Senator representing Kebbi South Senatorial district. Now that the same social media platforms are being used to mobilise the masses to recall him from the Senate for poor performance and treachery against his own people, Senator Bala has decided to fight back the best way he knows, the brutal Mafia way!

Do you know that the so-called Social Media Bill peddled by Senator Bala at the Senate is actually a fight back against the CUPS organisation to stop his recall? A couple of months ago Senator Bala threatened to sue CUPS in London for defamation. Having spent a fortune on lawyers, he realised that it was a mission impossible. He was humiliated and forced to capitulate. However, he decided to punish millions of innocent Nigerians with his absurd bill which threatens 2 years imprisonment or N2 million fine or both!

There are over 90 million Nigerians using the Internet. Of this number over 7.1 million access Facebook everyday. This number is growing faster in Nigeria than anywhere else in Africa. The Internet is being used as an effective means of mass enlightenment and empowerment by Nigerians. It is mind boggling to think that in 21st century a bunch of treacherous Senators led by psychotic Bala Ibn Na’Allah would want to truncate this healthy phenomenon that is nurturing the culture of freedom of speech and expression against corruption and tyranny in our beloved country.

Senator Bala’s message to 180 million Nigerians is this; he is not capable of sponsoring any laws that will strengthen our democracy, improve our economy, alleviate masses’ suffering, eradicate poverty, illiteracy and disease. However, he is happy to send millions of Nigerians to prison for personal vendetta. Beyond any doubt, Senator Bala ibn Na’Allah has gone down the annals of history as one of the most spineless, vision-less and dangerous Nigerians of all time. He is surely as doomed as his disastrous Social Media Bill.

We refuse to be intimidated by Senator Bala and his co-conspirators. We will continue with his recall process until it is successfully concluded. Furthermore, we will never stop exposing corruption, tyranny and genocide until our people are completely free.

Finally, say a big no to the Social Media Bill. Join us at the “Democracy In Action” Facebook page to learn how to recall treacherous Senators, including Bala.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.


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