Disclaimer by Prof Simire

Lagos, 29th Nov 2015
Face à une usurpation de mon identité (passeport scanné) par des personnes mal intentionnées dans le commerce du pétrole; je tiens à informer le public que je n’ai aucun lien avec ces personnes.
Toute utilisation de mon identité à ces fins ou autres est frauduleuse.
Veuillez envoyer ce message à d’autres personnes.


Disclaimer by PROFESSOR GREGORY OSAS SIMIRE My attention has been drawn to the fact that some 419 PERSONS have usurped the scanned pages of Professor Gregory Osas Simire’s passport for fraudulent purposes. Please, be informed through this medium that he has never been nor is he interested in being a dealer in oil or petroleum dealings with anyone whosoever. Therefore anyone who uses his name to enter into any dealings of sorts does so at his or her own risk and peril. Be warned. Please, help to circulate this information to all your friends and contacts. Thanks.


  1. can the police be my friend? that is a question i always ask myself? among the officers, we have some of them that are very good honest and sincere. but as far as am concerned. 75% of them are very very bad and notorious they like manners, irresponsible and wicked. i have traveled outside Nigeria and compared our police to others we are not there yet.
    to answer the question the NPF is not or may not yet be my friend because of their unfriendly manners of approach.

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    • I appreciate your answer. With the CRU, we can reach out to them without getting to the station. They are on the process of redemption. They were not our friends. Let’s give them a chance!


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