Disclaimer by Prof Simire

Lagos, 29th Nov 2015
Face à une usurpation de mon identité (passeport scanné) par des personnes mal intentionnées dans le commerce du pétrole; je tiens à informer le public que je n’ai aucun lien avec ces personnes.
Toute utilisation de mon identité à ces fins ou autres est frauduleuse.
Veuillez envoyer ce message à d’autres personnes.


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L’unité chargée des plaintes auprès de la Police Nigériane, la CRU (Complaint Response Unit) vient de lancer une campagne pour assainir l’image des policiers nigérians. Les points d’accès aux services de la Police nigériane par les réseaux sociaux sont gérés par CSP Abayomi Shogunle, officier en charge.

Appels téléphoniques réservés aux numéros 08057000001 et 08057000002 ; SMS seulement à 08057000003 ; WhatsApp : 08057000003 (fonctionne depuis le 11 novembre 2015)

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/npfcomplaint (depuis le 13 novembre 2015 avec 3440 likes)

Twitter : @PoliceNG_CRU (fonctionnel avec 454 tweets; 3 following; 4,796 followers)

Blackberry PIN: 58A2B5DE (en cours de vérification)

La Police Nigériane pourra-t-elle être votre amie ?





M. D. Adekunle and his ASES team understood the power of unity and harnessed it to make things happen. In the Department of European Studies of the University of Ibadan, each of the 3 units used to have its day during the ASES Week, thus giving rise to the French, German and Russian Days respectively.

The Association of Students of (Department of) European Studies, riding on its motto (Unity in Diversity) successfully carried out a Personality Lecture in honour of retired Professor I. Mojola, who brought her former student, colleague and KOWA presidential flagbearer – Professor Remi Sonaiya – as the guest lecturer, while Lai Mohammed (Minister of Information), Femi Adesina (Presidential Assistant on Media) were invited guests; former Governor Rasheed Ladoja was the special guest. Prof Francis Egbokhare, former Director of DLC-UI,  gave the keynote address.


 Between November 2 and 7, 2015, all the 3 units worked out a single day baptized the EURO DAY for the celebration of ASES Week. Visitors from Obafemi Awolowo, Lagos State and Olabisi Onabanjo universities honoured the event. There were different presentations from the different units of the Department, including students on their Year Abroad Program in Russia who sent a documentary.


Participants at ASES Euro Day

The Female Football team also made history as they came first in the Dean’s Cup Football Competition. This was the first time the Department would win the Faculty football competition. They were duly honoured by their lecturers who asked the outgoing Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Information, Prof I. F. Adewole, to present them a trophy at the Opening Ceremony of the UFTAN Conference. 

Prof. I. F. Adewole

Do you have a story on unity to share? Are you an ASES member, or of an Association in your establishment, share your experience and pictures with us!

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Paris: all we are saying…

There were so many reactions of followers and members of My French World on the social media that we need a separate article to air our opinions.
We appreciate reactions mostly from Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, the US and France, culled from our various platforms (Whatsapps, Facebook and Twitter).
You may air your views in the Comment section.

Can you share what is happening to you? What is the atmosphere in France from your perspective, with images or audio-visuals? On Facebook Messenger

Tosin Adesina (Grenoble, France)

I stay in Grenoble  which is a few hours from Paris. A few minutes after the attack, updates and reports surfaced on social media the whole of France was in a state of panic. The following day which was Saturday the 14th I stepped out to see the people’s reaction, me being black and having witnessed racism first-hand I could almost swear there will be a backlash against the Islamic community but surprisingly there really wasn’t anything …just nothing..the following Monday the entire school had a minute of silence for the souls of the departed and it was advised that people go out and live their live normally instead of cowering in fear and locking themselves up at home as that is what the terrorists  would want.

To my understanding the French people have a strong solidarity for each other that the Nigerian community doesn’t have. Basically things are good although it will be good to hear a Parisian’s point of view. 

Suite à l’avalanche des réactions sur les attentats de Paris, la question suivante a été posée: “Pensez-vous que les réactions sur les attaques de Paris sont exagérées?”

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Solidarité avec Paris: entre sincérité, exagération et hypocrisie

Many reactions, counter-reactions and reactions against the counter-reactions are trailing the 2nd terrorist attack in France this year. Some individuals condemned the avalanche of solidarity acts against what they perceived as the criminal indifference of the international community towards the victims of similar attacks in other parts of the world, especially in the Middle-East and Africa. Others condemned these criticisms by showing instances of worldwide solidarity following past and current terrorist attacks.


Our aim at My French World is not to take sides or justify any position, but to build up linguistic and pedagogical resources for whoever wishes to discuss about such events using the French language as a medium of communication.

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Angleterre 2-0 France: quand une défaite est une victoire

Face à la terreur La France en colère France en guerre Les Bleus en Angleterre Jouant un match qui adoucira leur peur Ayegh Luben (Université d’Ibadan) Ce poème épique montre que la France n’a pas peur des terroristes. Malgré les attaques du vendredi 13 novembre 2015 qui ont fait 129 morts et plus de 350 blessés, la France et l’Angleterre ont décidé de continuer leur … Continue reading Angleterre 2-0 France: quand une défaite est une victoire

Hécatombe à Paris : État d’urgence et deuil national en France

“Paris a été gravement attaqué …à peu près de 150 personnes ont été tuées… ” telle était l’alerte de M. Awodirepo, un membre du groupe My French World, ce soir du vendredi 13 novembre 2015. En effet, les attaques simultanées de Paris, revendiquées samedi matin par l’Etat Islamiste, ont amené le Président François Hollande à décréter un état d’urgence total et un deuil national. Avec … Continue reading Hécatombe à Paris : État d’urgence et deuil national en France


United States President George Bush came for an official visit to Nigeria. He asked OBJ why everywhere is in darkness and Obasanjo who felt disgraced kept mum on the issue. A few months later OBJ visited BUSH in his country and was looking for a way to nail him too. He requested for a drive round the states and he was busy looking for a house without electricity. On sighting one, he was happy and he said, Bush why is that house in darkness? “He smiled”, Bush said, “Oh, Sorry i did not tell you, that is Nigerian embassy”.
Credit: http://www.onlinenigeria.com/jokes/ad/nepa-2608; 13/11/15

So, how do you translate UP NEPA in French?

IMG_20151101_132321le chandelier

Comment traduire UP NEPA?

‘Up’ signifie ‘Vive’ ; exemple : ‘vive la Révolution’IMG_20151106_151522[1]
Mr Bello dit, on serait tenté, mot à mot, de dire que UP NEPA’ c’est donc ‘VIVE NEPA’.
Mais lorsqu’on dit « Up Shooting, Up ManU” , on veut dire Allez Shooting (en sport), allez ManU. Aussi manifeste-t-on l’encouragement, le soutien (indicating support), l’amour pour son équipe de foot par exemple. Continue reading “UP NEPA”

Bienvenue sur MY FRENCH WORLD

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My French World ne s’intéresse qu’aux sujets liés au français, dans l’actualité, les ressources pédagogiques, la vie des personnalités, les organismes et aussi les disciplines académiques et professionnelles.

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A. Souleymane

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